Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When Hate Becomes Rationalized

The power of belief in anything, political, religious... CAN become poisonous. It can make you feel superior in that you feel that you are right and everyone else is wrong. Hate and violence can become justified in this state of mind. The fundamentalist right wing has demonstrated this very well through the years, but even more so recently. I was sent this very disturbing sermon given by Pastor Steven Anderson. He is a pastor at Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ. Sunday, August 16, 2009, Anderson preached that Barrack Obama should die! Chris Broughton, the man who brought an assault rifle and a handgun to one of Obama's events recently, was also in attendance to this hateful anti-Obama sermon. Anderson preached a lengthy sermon about how God doesn’t love everyone. He said that God hates murderers, rapists, those that reject Jesus being the son of God, abortion doctors, gays, and so on. He said that God not only hates the sin, but hates the sinner as well. “I hate Barrack Obama the person!” Anderson yells at his congregation, but then also adds that he is “preaching this out of love.” He used numerous examples from the book of Psalms to describe his point. He used scripture taken from the Old Testament to justify hating Obama and yelling over and over again that Obama should die. He said that he prays from one of the verses from Psalms, that God would “break (Obama’s) teeth”, and make him melt like a slug when salt is poured. He does say that he hopes Obama dies of natural causes as he would not like to see him turned into a martyr.

WHAT!?! Are church goes supposed to leave church hate filled? I always thought that church was to be uplifting, inspirational, and that one would leave in love and in peace. This sermon is so far from the intention of church that it’s pathetic!

Anderson uses books from the Old Testament to back up his agenda of hate. Must I point out that he’s using the Torah, the Jewish book to back up his Christian values? And, needless to say that he took scripture out of context, and “God” is not the one credited for writing Psalms. People like David, Moses, King Solomon, and other authors are the ones credited for these words. So, in truth, these words come from man, not God. (In actuality, I haven’t come across one single verse in the Bible that was actually written by God, but that’s a whole other blog)
The true “Christian Book” lies in the New Testament. This is the book in which Christians are supposed to be living in, otherwise you would live in constant confusion and would banter back and forth between the two testaments. One book talks about revenge, while the other talks about turning the other cheek. One book talks about a God who hates all who do wrong, and another that says love thy neighbor as thy self. The New Testament is the book that strives for peace, love, understanding. Although, this too should not be taken literally as these books were written for the time period, and in many instances, years/decades/centuries after events occurred.

I’m sure you can use the Bible, or any religious book for that matter, to justify hate and violence and to back up one’s agenda. But, if it doesn’t come from love and peace, then it doesn’t come from God, or a higher being.

While I’m on the subject, I have to wonder what Barrack Obama has done that makes him so "evil" and worth Anderson’s one hour sermon on his death and destruction. Is it that Obama discontinued torture that the Bush administration allowed for nearly 8 years? Is it Obama’s steps to create a cleaner environment for us to live and breathe, and to preserve what we are on the road to spoiling? Is it Obama’s selflessness to want to provide each citizen with the right to health care? Is it Obama's steady movements of bringing us out of our economic recession? Is it Obama’s lack of expertise in each patients life and health that he has given the choice of an abortion to a woman and her doctor, as they are the only ones that understand the circumstances surrounding the unique and agonizing decision? I don’t see any evil intentions here. Sounds like Barrack Obama's intentions are coming from a place of love, peace, and justice! We are all entitled to our own opinions, but it doesn't give the right for out right violent hate, especially within a church!

Here’s the link to Anderson’s sermon. I’m sure Fox News won’t consider Pastor Steve Anderson “America hating” as they labeled Pastor Jeremiah Wright.


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