Friday, September 25, 2009

The Truth About ACORN

In the midst of our country’s most important piece of legislation, health care reform, the right wing quickly switches gears. Evidently all of the lies about death panels and such are not working, so “let’s just change the subject”. Right GOP? Their new agenda is to attack ACORN. A non-profit group that has signed up numerous low-income minority and young voters, and during this last historic election they registered 1.3 million voters. Of course the right wingers have never liked ACORN, or agencies like them, such as Project Vote or Demos, as these agencies are able to register voices that would more than likely not vote the “red” ticket. I guarantee if the majority of these voters were voting republican, we would never see these bogus stories in the media, suspicious of “voter fraud.”

In case you haven’t heard, the right wing is up in arms over a hand full of bogus voter registration forms. This sort of thing is common when registering voters and the law is that you must flag any forms that you find that look suspicious, and you must turn them in. In every suspicious case that was reported, ACORN was the one who originally discovered and called attention to the forms for further investigation….therefore, they followed the law! Furthermore, not a single reported instance, where bogus voter registrations were discovered, did that registration lead to ANYONE voting! All first time voters MUST provide their ID and risk jail if found to be fraudulent. In actuality, very few individuals intentionally fabricate a registration form and/or cast an illegal ballot. The point is, when a store turns in an employee for shoplifting, no one says the store is guilty of consumer fraud. So, why is ACORN receiving the wrap of voter fraud when they followed the law?

I find it interesting, and a little suspicious and sneaky on the GOP’s side, that they are so enraged over this non-subject with ACORN, with absolutely NO evidence of actual fraud. I guess if you can say something loud enough, then it must be true, right? As far as the GOP goes, fact is simply irrelevant. Does it take a genius to figure out that the GOP is targeting our less fortunate citizens time and time again? Sounds like voter suppression, and that sounds like voter fraud. The GOP is famous for trying to suppress voters they feel will not vote favorably for them. Laws such as the National Voters Registration Act, which offer voting registration with your license, license renewal and to those through low-income assistance programs such as Medicaid and food stamps, is ignored in many states. For example, in Florida, agencies are failing to help low-income voters register when they sign up for public assistance, which is required under the National Voters Registration Act. The GOP has an agenda, and their agenda is to win elections at any cost, and they are not looking out for American citizens while doing so. This could not be more evident than in our current health care reform debate.

I have attached a link to a story that Rachel Maddow did on this exact topic. Enough is enough already! No more taking time from the true important topics concerning our country’s future!

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