Friday, September 4, 2009

Health Care Rally

I was at a rally for health care yesterday, Sept. 2nd, in front of Houston's City Hall. There were about 1,300 people there, with a hand full yelling against health care. It amazed me to see that the ones who were against the health care reform, were the ones that STILL believed in the lies their party told them. They had signs saying that abortions would be paid for out of the proposed health care and that death panels did in fact exist. Must I say thing again? Not one federal penny would be spent on an abortion. Not even private insurances will pay for abortions unless the mother's health is at risk. And, there is no such thing as a death panel...unless of course you were a prisoner at Gitmo under the Bush administration and endured never ending water boarding, electric shock, starvation, thirst, shackle and suspension, and beatings. No, this reform is here to help the American people. We've waited long enough. We call ourselves the best nation in the world, but we aren't taking care of our people. 28 other industrialized nations are ahead of us. We're the only modern country who doesn't believe that health care is a right! It's TIME to change that! The rally last night was a great example of people ready for change! Congressman Al Green was the final speaker of the night, and he gave one of the best speeches in history! He left with the words that he had the great honor of going to the hill to vote in honor of our voice! Our voices are loud and clear, and CHANGE is here!

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