Thursday, September 24, 2009

Open Letter to Texas Senators

This is an open letter to Texas Senators Hutchison and Cornyn from a concerned citizen and constituent:

Dear Senators,

I am very concerned about the statements being made by the republicans on health care. It is as if all of you are in lock step and refuse to budge. Let me tell you my take on this subject.

1. If the sales of insurance policies across state lines is such a good idea, why didn't the credit card rates fall when Congress exempted banks from state regulation? Instead of lowering rates, the consumers were charged more! The system became more corrupt, rather than being fixed.

2. The GOP always talks about TORT Reform. Were our insurance rates lowered after TORT Reform was passed in Texas? No, our rates did not go down! Instead, Texans are paying more than any other state for health insurance. Also, our rates are increasing faster than almost any other state.

Senators, these are only two of the republican mantras on health care. The other "excuses" are just as debatable. Rather than trying to answer all of the republican "ideas", let me try another tact. Ethics and Morality are the basics that are missing in the republican playbook. It is not ethical, nor moral, for people to be dying because of the lack of health care insurance. I am not telling you something you don't have heard the stories. You have read the facts. You know that Texas ranks 50th in the number of people who are uninsured.

There are so many more facts I could write about, but you already know them. If those who died defending this country could you think they would say that they are proud of the way we treat those without insurance and those who are under insured? Do you think they would be proud to know that the country they died for are letting loved ones suffer while the insurance industry CEOs and CFOS are pulling down tens of millions of dollars and more? Do you believe that these heroes would be heartened to hear Rep. Cantor tell a constituent, that if a loved one needs a life saving operation, there must be some type of program or charity that would help? Charity?!?! Forget charity!! It is time for you and the other responsible members of congress to stand up and say NO to your right wing base.

Robert W. Tomlinson

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