Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care and the Abortion Language

As I sit here waiting for the historic health care vote, the news is bombarded with the GOP's outrage over "funding for abortion!" The bill says in clear black and white that "government funds SHALL NOT pay for abortions!" It makes my blood boil as we can all clearly see that this is just a cop out...a way to change the subject and create more fear mongering. It's ludicrous to me to think that the GOP and the Tea-baggers truly have some sort of moral struggle with a health care bill that would help millions of Americans who need health care now more than ever! Trashing a good (not perfect) bill is unacceptable, especially over some language that does not exist! And, over a subject that is....last time I checked, is totally legal in our country!

This holier than thou, religious high horse routine is really getting old from the right! This morning, as I watched the news, there was footage of Tea-baggers and conservative republicans (although, there isn't really any difference in the two) lining the halls of the congressional office building, spitting on congressmen, cursing, yelling racial slurs and so on, to those that support the health care bill. There were also some mothers holding on to their toddlers as they participated in the behavior. And, I venture to say, that these extremist exude this behavior all the while holding tight to their bible! I thought we were past the 1960's mind-set and such discrimination!

I am reminded of the saying, "What is right, is not always easy!" Stand tall Democrats! Face the wave of opposition and sadly misinformed, brainwashed Americans, and do what is right for our country! The majority is behind you, for this is why we have elected you!

"We are not here to win; we are here to be true!"
- Abraham Lincoln

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