Friday, April 2, 2010

There is No Such thing as a "Liberal Media"

Is it really true that we have a “liberal media?” You often hear right wing candidates and their followers complain about the “liberal media” and how they have been handed the short end of the stick. You often hear that the airwaves are riddled with liberal views, and therefore the only station that offers any truth is Fox News. This couldn’t be further from the truth! As I pondered this question, I did a little research. After only scratching the surface, my blood began to boil. It’s worse then I imagined! 99.9% of media found on the TV airwaves are OWNED by not only conservative corporations, but huge contributors to the Republican Party and its candidates!

Let’s start with the obvious. It is no secret that Fox is a conservative news station. What I didn’t know is that they own 22 TV stations, which is 50% of the U.S. household. They also own 132 newspapers which include the New York Post and the London Times, and 113 of those newspapers are in Australia. Fox also owns over 25 magazines. The most startling thing to me is how they are seeping into the international media. Fox International, as it is called, owns 40% of British Sky Broadcasting, 50% of VOX in Germany, Canal Fox in Latin America, FOXTEL in Australia, STAR TV in Asia, IskyB in India, Bahasa Programming Ltd in Indonesia, and 80% of the News Broadcasting in Japan! Just to throw out another little tid-bit of information, which I’m sure comes to no surprise is that from 1998-2004, Fox spent $249 million on lobbying and $27 million on Federal Candidates and lawmakers. And they call themselves balanced news…HA!

Time Warner Cable, which owns CNN, HBO, Cinemax, TNT, TCM, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, and much more is the largest owner of cable systems in the US. They are also huge contributors to the Republican Party. In 2004 they gave over 1.6 million to Bush alone. The executives and the Time Warner PAC were the big contributors, with only about $35,000 going to two democratic committees.
Disney, which owns ABC, ESPN, The History Channel, E, Miramax, Disney Theme Parks, and much, much more, is also a contributor to the Republican Party. More than 52% of Disney PAC money this year has gone to republicans.

CBS is owned by Westinghouse and NBC is owned by GE, two major nuclear weapon manufactures who have huge stakes in our current wars abroad and who have also contributed in the millions to Republican Candidates. Conflict of interest, I think so! GE owns over 28 TV stations which include beloved stations such as NBC, CNBC, Bravo, Universal, and half of MSNBC. The other half is owned by Microsoft which seems to flip-flop over the aisle. In 2004, Microsoft actually donated 2.4 million to Bush with 54% of PAC money going to republicans in general, while today 54% of PAC money is going to democrats. In 2006 GE donated 63% of PAC money to republicans and the Westinghouse PAC donated 81% to republicans.

I’ve pretty much listed most of our TV pleasures that appear across our TV screen, but I really could go on. I think I’ve made my point though. The conservatives have bought the airwaves, and they get to feed us what they want to. The “Liberal Media” myth serves several purposes: it raises public skepticism about liberal news stories, hides conservative bias when it appears, and goads the media to the right. GOP strategist William Kristol also reveals another reason: "I admit it: the liberal media were never that powerful, and the whole thing was often used as an excuse by conservatives for conservative failures." Even far-right figures like Pat Buchanan come clean: "The truth is, I've gotten fairer, more comprehensive coverage of my ideas than I ever imagined I would receive." He further conceded: "I've gotten balanced coverage and broad coverage -- all we could have asked… For heaven sakes, we kid about the liberal media, but every Republican on earth does that."

You have to also wonder about our news anchors that are furiously owned by the big corporate giants. Last I saw, Diane Sawyer was making $7 million when she was on Good Morning America. Actually news anchors make anywhere from $700,000-$7 million on up. There was a study done on anchors from major stations. They were sent anonymous questionnaires, which went to 78 national news organizations, with an emphasis on the following 14: ABC News /ABC Radio, Associated Press, AP Broadcast News, Bloomberg News, CNN, Knight-Ridder Newspapers/Tribune Information Services, Los Angeles Times, NBC News, New York Times, Reuters America, Inc., Time, USA Today/USA Weekend, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Washington Times.
On social issues, 66% characterized themselves politically as center to right. On economic issues 83% characterized themselves politically as center to right. What happened?

15 years ago, journalist considered themselves to be liberal. Why the big shift? Is it due to their bulging salaries that keep them out of touch with Americans? Studies do show that receiving higher incomes tend to lead a person to become more economically conservative. Could it be that media corporation stopped hiring liberal journalist? Whatever the answer may be, we are being brain-washed! This could not be more evident than the trends taking place today. People believe what they are fed, and when you add the fact that our media is laced with conservative talking points, and lies all to feed their agenda of lining their pockets with corporate money, it’s no wonder why organizations like the Tea Party, The “Christian Militia”, and ignorant rallies are popping up. You would think that in the age of accessible information, ignorance would not be so rampant….kind of makes you say, hmmmmmm…..

Ed Schulz had a great show Wednesday about how the Right Wing controls our radio airwaves by 91%. To watch that show, follow this link:

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