Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Is Wrong With This Picture

I am baffled, but not surprised due to the large amount of ignorance in this country, that health care reform has become this hard to pass! I mean, we are the ONLY civilized nation in the world that do not take care of their own citizens!! We offer universal healthcare to the Iraq citizens, but not for our own....where is the rational? It also baffles me that we can give eight years to the biggest village idiot, G. Bush, but after ONLY 1 year of Obama being in office, people "feel" that our country is going in the wrong direction and quickly elect a republican to fill Kennedy's seat! What is wrong with this picture! We want "change" but then we don't give change time to happen!

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  1. Due to some e-mails being sent to me, let me clarify one thing! I am aware that Coakley didn't lead the best campaign for Kennedy's senate seat. She made a lot of mistakes. It just leaves one to wonder how a republican could win in a district that elected a democrat for decades and one that advocated for healthcare at that. It is disgusting that the demcrats can't get their act together! The republicans know how to rally its party and get their people on a single message. The democrats love to eat their own! It's time for Obama to stop being so passive and rise up to be the leader we elected! In the words my dad used, "Now is the time to act more like Harry Truman and less like Jimmy Carter."