Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Twas the Night of Health Care Voting

I received a very right-wing e-mail today using "The Night Before Christmas" theme. It was about Democrats standing in the way of prayer in schools and having no morals. It inspired me to write my own "Night Before Christmas" theme. So, here goes...

Twas the night of health care voting, and all through the house,
The majority members cheered with one minority mouse.
The Party of No, just simply didn't care,
Hoarding their gov. insurance and not wanting to share!

Americans nestled all snug in their bed,
With visions of health care and not being dead!!
Feeling safe that the leaders would fill the coverage gap,
And not let the Extremist treat them like crap!

When the next day on TV arose such a clatter,
Fox News reported sorrow on the bill passage matter.
And said the poor insurance was not to bash,
they only wanted a huge, chunk of our cash!

Republicans have grown angry and yell loudly, "NO!"
For reasons not known...I think maybe they're slow!
For why are they consumed with all of this fear,
Except their lobbyist money might soon disappear.

The Republican remedy is to "just not get sick!"
But with H1N1, that can't be the trick.
Reform is the answer and not the blame.
The Republicans must surly be all insane!

"Now Beck, now Limbaugh, now Hannity and Palin,"
Stop all the non-sense and the annoying loud waylin'.
Americans want reform and enough of this brawl.
If you offer no solution, then give no more stall!

The senate must pass reform and not die,
But if it is blocked then me-O-my!
Party of No will become less than few,
But one thing's for sure, we'll not hear their spew!

Americans are ready for common sense proof,
That the leaders care and not offer their spoof.
Hijacking Jesus makes one dumbfound,
For he would give health care for all around!

Enough of the bake sales for children with cancer!
Affordable health care is the ONLY answer!
True reform is now here, and muffling strife.
So, health care to all, and to all a good life!

--Share with others and spread the "good cheer!"

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