Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Abortion Topic

This is never a popular subject, and it is a subject our nation usually avoids really talking about. But, I have felt compelled to write about it as the subject of abortion has presented itself many times over the last couple of weeks within the news. This particular subject is pretty much THE subject that divides the political parties. The Republican Party is the one that took this issue and shoved it into the political lime light decades ago, and has ridden on the coat tails of the issue ever since. In turn, they have been able to brand themselves as the party with the highest morals, upholding the teachings from the Bible. Never mind that they pick and choose things from the Bible that fit their own political agenda…otherwise, what was Noah’s Ark about if God is truly Pro-Life? I could go through a litany of things to shed light on the hypocrisy of the church and their true torturous history. But, this issue is no more a political issue than it is a religious one. The issue comes down to if a woman has a RIGHT to an abortion.

Of coarse a woman has a right to choose, and she can help make that choice with the help of her own religious beliefs. The Republican Party likes the idea of small government and for government to stay out of the personal lives of citizens. Well, how much bigger can a government get then when it makes a medical decision for a woman based solely on a politicians personal religious beliefs? What if our government had a Jehovah Witness majority? Jehovah Witnesses do not believe in blood transfusions. Would we then be faced with the closing of blood banks, touting that it is immoral and that citizens should have that right taken away? We have the right to choose if we want blood transfusions, just have we have the right to reject it if it conflicts with a personal belief. We simply have the right to choose!!

Many years ago, I was confronted with the choice of abortion. I found out that I was pregnant during my first year of college. I am thankful that I had the right to choose what was best for me and for my future, and that the decision was my right to make! I decided not to abort based on my own personal beliefs and knowing that that was not a decision that I could ever live with. But, women are faced with this choice everyday! The decision, I can assure you, is not a flippant decision. There are women that are in highly abusive relationships/marriages, women that are raped, women that are in their 50’s or older, girls that are 15 and younger, women that have jobs that don’t offer medical insurance or don’t offer paid leaves of absence coupled with little to no familial help, women that find themselves in poor health or their unborn child is incapable of living outside of the womb. All of these different faces to this issue are the reason there should be a choice. It is simply a woman’s right! Just because women have the right, doesn’t mean that they will choose to have an abortion. It just simply means woman have the right to choose.

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