Friday, November 6, 2009

Socialized Education

A friend of mine wrote this, and I thought it was very interesting!

Americans are really great, loving, forbearing and giving. They are also short-sighted, opinionated, naive and shallow. The point is that Americans, though well-intentioned, generally miss the point. The REASON that people come out of institutions of higher learning deeply in debt is that the entire, and I mean ENTIRE, certification and practical application(s) of the certification process are deeply flawed. If the training of youth to meet the challenges and responsibilities of the future are so essential to the public welfare and success of the nation, then the challenges and responsibilities for their thorough education to meet those needs SHOULD be met by the nation.

Socialism be damned! At the VERY LEAST, the bachelor's degree and/or practical trades training to the journeyman level should be accepted and paid by the nation for every man woman and child. If it requires the taxation of the citizenry to pay for the advancement of American society to the next level, then so be it. The rewards for REALLY leaving no child behind would be HUGE!

Americans need to recognize that the stratification of the United States is effectively destroying it. By guaranteeing a life of indebtedness for our children and by guaranteeing that potentially brilliant minds ARE being left behind and unused, the nation takes VERY careful aim and shoots itself in the foot. Assigning a label of socialism to advanced public education, with all of the unsubstantiated fears that go along with it, we do nothing more than ensure that the stratification of wealth and the suppression of advancement continues.

Who stands to gain wealth from a thoroughly indebted and uneducated populace? Who stands to gain power from that same scenario? If you are going to school to learn how to steal and keep others under your thumb while schmoozing with the elite then you are. If you are going to school to learn how to advance not only yourself but the nation and world around you, then ALL should be allowed the same opportunities without facing fiscal slavery for the rest of your lives. Political posturing and stonewalling need to be overcome thoroughly, the next level certification process needs to be completely revamped and IGNORANCE, reinforced by suppression and greed needs to be vilified. The United States is a democratic republic with SOCIAL needs! Our forefathers recognized and accepted it. Why can't we???

--author, Kaysie Markwardt

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