Sunday, February 6, 2011

Corporations Get Hand-Outs, Not the American People!

I am just tired of hearing from the right-wingers talk about how the government gives "hand-outs"! It's as if the "hand-outs" were undeserved. I'm sorry, but we the people employ the government. They are employed by our tax dollars! Who should they be working for? If anybody should be getting a "hand-out", or benefiting in any way, it should be the citizens of the United States and not big corporations....who by the way get the hand-outs! In 2010 the United States gave 2.7 billion dollars to Israel to buy American military equipment and 1.3 billion to Egypt for the same! This money went to the American military complex (Boeing, Lockheed Martin, McDonald Douglas, and others). If this isn't the biggest government hand-out, I don't know what is! (and this is just a small example of big corporation hand outs) In addition these same corporations find loop hole after loop hole, and are able to pay nothing, or next to nothing, in taxes! And, they also get to be bailed out in case they make the bad decisions while the people get shoved to the side. I live in Texas, and right now the state wants to cut about 10 billion from education, which is 1/3 of the educational budget. They want to cut from prisons, close some colleges, and much much more. All the while holding our tax dollars hostage in a rainy day fund of more than 9.8 billion! I'm sure the big oil companies, and other multi-million/billion dollar corporations are not suffering or sacrificing in any way. Oh no, just us, the tax paying government employers. We are the ones getting the short end of the stick!

So, I don't want to hear any more belly aching about how health care is a hand-out, or how our children's education is a hand-out, or how social security is a hand-out, or about food stamps being a hand out. Our government should be working for its people seeing as how we have paid for it! They are not hand outs. If anything it would be a simple case of our tax dollars at work....if ever the government would stop spending our money on themselves, their friends, and their friend's the big corporations.

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