Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are We Ever Going to Change Our Ways?

The climate is warming
Diseases are swarming.
Disasters are striking,
and famine is spiking.

We bicker and find blame
we ignore and proclaim
that God will save us,
despite that we are careless.

Evidence is clear.
Natural disasters are severe.
Human beings just don't care,
about the future in despair.

Drill baby drill is dirtying our air,
and our water, we are aware!
It's a carbon extermination,
that will lead to our extinction!

Burning coal leads to cancer.
Is that our energy answer?
Landfills full of waste,
thrown away in thoughtless haste.

Will we awake?
Do we care what's at stake?
It's an unnatural disgrace,
what we've done to our place.

Politicians START leading!
Preachers START heeding,
the warnings and the words.
Ignoring....it's absurd!!

Our future should be our profit,
not the dollars in our pocket.
Greed and wealth will be our demise,
and in the end there will be no compromise.

The climate is warming,
diseases are swarming.
Disasters are striking,
and famine is spiking.

Are we ever going to change our ways?

--written by Lindsey Murff

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