Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Change IS Happening!

I was sitting in a sandwich shop this afternoon, by myself of all kids! Ahhh, relaxation! I guess that's why I had actual thoughts! ...So, I was sitting there, and of coarse they had a TV on. Yes, you guessed it! Fox News was on. I about loose my appetite when I find Fox News on in the same place where I have to eat! While I was "watching" there were two attractive women, discussing Obama. The conversation was entirely about how Obama is cold, arrogant, and out of touch with "real America." They aired, very edited, clips and pictures with Obama's head held high to back up their portrayal. They then began to bash his "incapability" of turning our country around. "Where's all the change?", they patronized.

I sat with this propaganda portrayal for awhile, really trying to dissect the attitude. Also including, into my dissection, a recent incident with family with the same hate filled, factless, superiority complex as the witnessed show before me. Of coarse the right has an agenda to fill. They have to portray the "other side" as the enemy so they may lift themselves a little higher. It's like the bully in the school yard putting everyone down, just so he can build himself up and fill his void of self confidence. But, for some reason, put the bully in the arena of politics, and suddenly everyone is blinded as to who he really is. He's loud, mean, twists the facts, and is in our face so much, that it's hard to see around him to the truth!

"Where's the change?" the two women cackled from their "news" desks. Remember, we inherited this mess. We inherited 2 wars, one of the worst recessions brought on by the deregulation of our market, $482 billion deficit (actually more, as it doesn't reflect war cost and such), a destroyed regulatory structure of the government as inspectors, administrators, and regulators were replaced with corrupt cronies, a neglected healthcare system, educational system, energy policies, environmental issues and more.

It took eight loooooong years to consistently dissolve America. We have to remember that it's only been two years of working to restore and build America to at least what it once was and hopefully better. Only this time, there is actual foresight in place! That's not arrogance that's intelligence! Our president is looking to the future and investing in it. Tomorrow, September 23rd is a big step in restoring health care! Children will no longer be dropped for pre-existing conditions and college kids (at lease until the age of 26) will have the peace of mind of staying on their parent's policies. College kids can also expect some financial relief for their education. Yes, money is being spent now, but will eventually relieve us in the end. You have to spend money to make money, right!?! I agree, change isn't coming fast enough, but it IS happening. The bullies can continue with their bashing, name calling, and twists of truth...but, we're rubber and they're glue! Whatever they say, bounces off us and sticks on them! So...stick that in your crayon box!

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