Tuesday, October 6, 2009

GOP Hate

I couldn't be more sickened then when I heard the loud whoops and hollers and high fives from the GOP after Chicago lost the bid for the 2016 Olympics. With unemployment at an all time high, having the Olympics would have made instant jobs for Americans, almost over night. It would have created hundreds of thousands of jobs and would have generated much needed revenue. Why would any American pull for the failure of such a boost for fellow Americans and its economy? Any failure where Obama is concerned, is reason to celebrate in the GOP's eyes. It doesn't matter what's at stake or who gets hurt, just as long as Obama's reputation gets tarnished. The same is true when it comes to health care or the environment. Every failure in Obama's book, is a success in the GOP's book. Look at the price we are paying for the GOP's hate.

When did we reach this point where we could no longer just simply disagree with one another's views, but had to go one step further and hate them just because their views were different. This "with us, or against us" mentality only leads to devastation. Isn't it just odd that the GOP disagrees with EVERY idea or policy the democrats have, but then offer ZERO alternative ideas or policies? Isn't it also odd that the same people that judge others to be labled "unpatriotic" are the same ones that vote time and time again against the American people or cheer when America fails? Isn't it also odd that hate crimes, especially against minorities and gays, are at an all time high in this country just during the last few months? This is not a coincidence. The GOP is in the business of shutting up anyone who might pull dollars out of their pockets. They love the top 1% of Americans (the wealthy), and treat the remaining 99% as their slaves, and they will say and do anything to convince us that we are valuable and we're not slaves, but in the end the suppression is evident!

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  1. A reader e-mailed me that my facts were a little off. I always want to make sure that I keep the fact straight. I eluded that 99% of Americans make as much as the top 1% combined, It's actually 95% that make as much as the top 1% combined. So, the "bottom" 95% are slaves to the elite 1%, and the top 1% use propaganda and brainwashing to make us think they are looking out for us. I'm thinking they weren't doing a very good job as they are the ones who led us into the recession and foreclosure state that we currently find ourselves in.